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Onion rings

Fried onion rings with BBQ sauce dip

6 Pieces

EGP 74

Mozzarella sticks

Fried mozzarella sticks with Honey Mustard dip

6 Pieces

EGP 105

Cheddar Jalapeño Poppers

Jalapeño-Filled Fried Cheddar Cheese Sticks

6 Pieces

EGP 118

Chicken Wings Lollipops

Fried chicken wings with your choice of Ranch sauce or BBQ or Buffalo sauce

6 Pieces

EGP 114.00

Chicken Tenders

Fried crunchy chicken strips with ranch sauce dip

6 Pieces

EGP 156.00

Chicken Bombs

4 Pieces of Cheesy Stuffed Fried Chicken Balls

EGP 117

Loaded Nachos

Nachos loaded with melty mozzarella, bell pepper paste, and jalapeños

EGP 74


Fiery Shrimp

10 X Crunchy Fried Shrimp with fiery dipping sauce

EGP 150.00

Extra hot

Spectacular combo

3 pieces of chicken wings, 3 pieces of onion rings, 3 pieces of chicken bombs, and 3 pieces of mozzarella sticks, served with your choice of 3 sauces.

EGP 253


All prices are subject to 14 % VAT.

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